At WHJ, we bring decades of combined experience to bear on your important projects. Although we’re a relatively young company, we have a staff of veterans who have solved some of Southern California’s most complex construction challenges.

Since 2012, we’ve raised the bar for how the concrete industry operates. Building on trade secrets that have been handed down for generations, we integrated proven best practices with modern technologies and quality standards to complete jobs faster and more reliably.

We’re more than just the most proficient concrete contractors in Ontario, CA. We’re the vanguard of a new way of thinking about construction problem-solving. Our passion for high-efficiency quality comes second only to our love of our craft, and we’re proud to put our artistry to work on your behalf. Backed by the industry’s best equipment, techniques and innovative thought processes, we’re ready to tackle any job no matter how unique, complicated or time-sensitive it may be.

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Specializing in Tilt-ups we have over 30 years of experience in that method of construction. With heavy control of the critical path, we are often asked to shorten construction schedules while still maintaining the quality and control expected by any client.

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Structural Concrete Foundations and Slabs

No matter what construction method an owner or developer chooses to go with for their design, every structure must first have a strong foundation and slab.

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Whether you have a section of warehouse floor that needs replaced or you have an entire truck apron and parking lot that you’d like swapped out from asphalt to concrete, flat work is a relatively easy and quick process for us to complete.

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Cast in Place

Decorative forming is not something that can be trusted in just any contractor’s hands. Special care and procedures must be taken to avoid the common mistakes. With diligence, patience and experience, we can make your complicated concrete feature look as good as your design.

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Seismic Retrofitting

Retrofitting structures is a great alternative for developers who would like to keep the existing structure while still maintaining the benefit of safe, modern building practices.

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Sacking and Patching

Often times, due to concrete’s natural traits, it requires some repairs and maintenance. “Sacking and Patching” refers to the process of beautifying the concrete walls and floors using special compounds, colors and techniques.

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“Bill has provided competitive bids, quality work, knowledgeable field teams and a “can do” attitude on all projects. Pleasure doing business with him.”

Brad Anderson

VP of Construction, Fullmer Construction

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